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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

First naked pictures

When my husband and I first met, he approached me and one of his friends about having a threesome. Back then, I was still kind of shy so we declined. Years later, he and I were at a friend's house hanging out. It got late and the friend laid down on his bed while my husband and I shared the pull out sofa. He began rubbing me and making sexual advances. I resisted at first, nervous the friend would see. Soon I relaxed and my legs were spread wide open. My husband then called his friend over. He did not hesitate and instantly had his hands all over me. I took him in my mouth while my husband pounded me down below. It was the most excited I had ever been and we made our hanging out sessions regular sex sessions since then.

The Naked Day

One day I made my girlfriend go naked all day. I just told her it was naked day and she loved it. It really started in the evening. It was great as I would just grab her and feel her off at any time with her getting hotter each time. I did this all night sometimes just having her stroke me or sometimes I would just bend her over the couch or use what ever was around. I just couldn't help it! Watching her walk around the house doing what she normally did dressed drove me nuts. It wasn't a slave thing it was very mutual and a great way to spend the day at home. Not the kinkiest stuff we have done but a good workout and boy were we sore by the end of the night. I got some pictures of her at the beginnings of a few of our naked days showing all but her pussy. Too shy for her first time but excited for this anyway.
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